Container Ramp 6500kg (Brisbane)

Part No: NS-CR6500-Brisbane

NS-CR6500-Brisbane is our best selling forklift container ramp. 6.5T SWL and folding design for easy storage. In stock Brisbane.
$1,460.00 excl tax
$1,365.00 excl tax

The 6.5 tonne container ramp design is primarily used for bridging a forklift from standard ground level into a standard shipping container. This is our best selling container ramp and has folding design to save space when not in use. The self-leveling lip allows for full loading capacity even when on slightly uneven ground.
  • Fitted with safety chains to loop through the shipping container corner castings to secure the container ramp to the container
  • Built to exceed Australian Standards
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Container ramp comes with compliance plate with SWL and serial number for Workcover compliance
  • Enamel painted finish in safety yellow
  • Built in pockets for forklift to pickup and locate the container ramp easily
  • Hand grips on both side of container ramp to unfold it after fitting to container

Also for sale are our budget model 7 tonne ramp, heavy duty 8 tonne and 10 tonne forklift container ramp for heavy duty use.

Also known as forklift ramp or forklift loading ramp.

In Stock Brisbane and Available for Immediate Delivery

Products specifications
Finish Painted
SWL (kg) 6500
Width (mm) 2200
Length (mm) 2000
Pocket Size (mm) 165mm x 60mm
Pocket Centres (mm) 775
Unit Weight (Kg) 275